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The regular season 14 wins and 2 patriots are playoff regulars, since Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) since in 2000 to become the head coach of the team, they only have three seasons without going into the playoffs, the patriots are to partition each season top identity level of shanxi. This season they have had the experience of victory over Dezhou: regular season third weeks, no Tom Brady (Tom Brady) patriot 27:0 romp home court.

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One up, home court the patriots who fought the first choice to play some defense. Two consecutive three out, with Dezhou again three outs, patriots gradually found their rhythm. Tom Brady long and wide receiver Chris (Chris Hogan) Hogan earned defensive interference (Defensive Pass Interference) ball foul, 30 yards. After Chris and Hogan ball 22 yards, eventually running back Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) with short passing down 13 yards, a touchdown, leading the Patriot 7:0.
The people of Dezhou in the half to convert three to 18 yards, fortunately, not cool patriots cornerback Eric Lowe (Eric Rowe) – blown collision (Unnecessary Roughness) malicious foul, gave Dezhou a first attack. After quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) completed five consecutive short code, enter the red zone. The ultimate player Nick – Novak (Nick Novak) hit 33 yards free kick, Dezhou 3:7 patriot. Dezhou kick-off, Duhem – Lewis 98 return yards touchdown, Aigo 14:3 Dezhou. This is the first in the history of the Patriots record playoff kickoff return touchdown.

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In the second quarter, the Dezhou people had to kick the ball and the Patriots attacked again. Brady shot, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) did not catch the ball, the ball after Freud hands rebounded after Dezhou cornerback A.J. Boyer (A.J. Bouye) cut off. Take advantage of this opportunity, Nick Nick – Novak hit 27 yards free kick, Dezhou 6:14 patriots. Dezhou again kick-off, this time Duhem Lewis dropped back to attack the ball, Dezhou picked up on the 12 yard line on the ball. Finally Bullock Oswald Wheeler cross found tight end C.J. Fido Lowitz (C.J.Fiedorowicz), pass 10 yards to score. Dezhou people take advantage of the two mistakes of the Patriots, to 13:14 only behind the score of 1.